About the Communities and how to Join

Instructions on how to join a community of practice


The communities of practice bring together people who share common concerns or interests in topics or themes and who are motivated to push further, the frontiers of understanding needed to advance society’s abilities to address developmental challenges.  Communities of Practice often focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance a domain of professional practice.

The NgREN Stakeholders have agreed to adopt acknowledged nuclei of expertise in the member institutions as the hubs for the evolution of vibrant communities of practice. It is envisaged that these hubs would foster active collaborations and linkages with other institutions and academic/professional groups, and with industry partners to expand the horizons of knowledge and practice. The initial group of communities were identified from the Centres of Excellence identified and supported by the Science and Technology Education, Post-Basic (STEP-B).
The Technical Working Group on Communities of Practice will have the responsibility for driving these communities and shall, work with the stakeholders to enliven these and other communities as may be agreed-to.



To join any of the communities of practice, please contact the Theme Leaders (where available) directly or click here and follow the instructions and your username and password will be forwarded to your supplied email address subsequently.