2023-12-06 09:00 UTTC

Cybersecurity, defined by digital transformation and connectivity, has become imperative in this era. Africa, a continent undergoing rapid technological advancement, faces various challenges in strengthening its cybersecurity posture, including a shortage of skilled professionals, lack of awareness, inadequate infrastructure, and diverse cyber threats. TrustBroker Africa (TBA) aims to help change this narrative through advocacy, community building, capacity building, infrastructure and resource support.


TBA is a community initiative that catalogues security teams and accredits them based on their maturity to improve cybersecurity practices across diverse African organisations and industries. Developed in the AfricaConnect3 project, WACREN acts as the secretariat and operates service infrastructure for the cooperation platform, collaborating with sister regional networks, Ubuntunet Alliance and ASREN.


Among its broader objectives, TBA seeks to identify and support excellence in cybersecurity education and research. Additionally, it aims to foster industry investment in academic research for joint efforts that reflect commitments to enhancing cybersecurity standards and practices in the African context and advancing the field. After successful annual events in Lome (2021) and Gaborone (2022), WACREN will host the 2023 TBA Training and Community Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria, including, for the first time, a high-level discussion panel dedicated to the cooperation within the host community.


The event is organised in collaboration with the OpenCSIRT Foundation and supported by the AfricaConnect3 project. The training will feature in-depth sessions on the core functions of CSIRTs, including incident handling and coordination of responses to security incidents.

Event Details

Organizer : WACREN

Start Date : 2023-12-06

End Date : 2023-12-08

Time : 09:00 UTTC

Event Venue

Venue : National Universities Commission