NgREN IdF training

The training had in attendance 42 participants from the Universities and 6 participants from the NgREN secretariat.The instructors during the training were Mr. Ben and Mr. Cletus OKolie

The training commenced with introduction to Virtualization and VMware by Mr Ben and the following

  •             Foundation: Some theory and background
  •             Introduction to Ansible
  •             Hands-on Ansible- Getting hands dirty with Ansible
  •             Ansible in depth: Inventory management and writing playbooks

The second day of the training  started at about 8.30am with an introduction to Ansible in AAROC and the installation which is a tool used in controlling multiple VMware’s. Thereafter, the participants were taken through as listed below

  •             Components of Identity Federations
  •             Shibboleth Service Providers
  •             Requirements for IdP
  •             Deploying and configuring LDAP and IdP
  •             Lab exercises

The final day of the training commenced at about 8.30am with recap of previous days training.

This was followed by IdP Advanced configuration and IdP administration.