Vision and Mission


To be a world-class research and education network in Africa, fulfilling stakeholder needs for communication and collaboration as a corner stone to Nigeria’s economic and social transformation.


To provide state-of-the-art, high speed, efficient and affordable network infrastructure and services in aid of innovative research, communication and collaboration by member institutions.


  1. To provide more and cheaper bandwidth for member institutions.
  2. To provide an efficient network infrastructure for the research and education community, and establish a framework that enables resource sharing and facilitates innovation and development.
  3. To provide network services and applications such as identity federation, e-content, hosting, network security, bandwidth management, IP telephony, video-conferencing, among others to the research community.
  4. To promote linkages and collaboration between the research community, industry, government and other international research and education communities in order to transform research into commercial products for the benefit of the nation.
  5. To leverage technology to promote new and innovative ways of teaching and learning.
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